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In episode 11 we discuss 5 sure fire ways to get customers in your door straight away.

Andrew whinges about Subway and the complete lack of interest and ability of the 'sandwich butcher' and the fact that their bread is possibly made from reconstituted cardboard.

Discussion also continues in regard to Wows demise but also on the concerning news of Electronic Interiors seeming demise along with Home Theatrix being in some kind of administration. How could Barry Bull have let the side down and has Don Mackenzie been ripped off?

Home Theatrix stuffed?
Electronic Interiors buggered.
Home Theatrix of Brisbane is in some kind of trouble as. Don Mackenzie (the owner) has a great history in the HiFi/AV business. Whats going on? We are not sure what went wrong here but Electronic Interiors of Northgate, Brisbane has shut down.
Subway is shit! Barry Bull's son Justin closes shop.
Subway sucks huge Donkey arse! Crap sandwiches and worse service. Last time I was there (just before this podcast) I needed to make a very swift dash to the smallest room in the building. Barry Bull the business guru and after dinner speaker's son Justin, seems to have shut down the Electronic Interiors store in Brisbane. Very mysterious and surely not through lack of business skills. Listen to the podcast for our thoughts.

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