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News and new models are the order of the day on this, our tenth episode.

Spendor - The famous English brand has a new model on the way. It will be known as the A7 and as much as it will probably replace the award winning and very successful A6 it is a more complex, larger, and altogether more up market loudspeaker. With optional high gloss Dark Walnut and "Ultra" Dark Walnut finishes sounding very interesting. The all new tweeter, Kevler Bass unit (as part of a three driver 2.5 way design) and 5th generation of the 'Linear Flow Port' are the key new features of the Spendor A7. Pricing will be around half of the Spendor ST which it mimics to some degree. Availability from Australian dealers through importer Audiofix will be mid year or a little sooner.

Two new Cambridge products will arrive on Australian shores soon that maybe of interest. The new Stream Magic has been described to me by Philip Sawer from Synergy (the Australian importer of Cambridge Audio) as a mating of the new Dacmagic Plus and the existing NP30 streamer. This sounds very interesting at an approx retail price of $1200. Also new from the Cambridge house of electronic design is the mini Dacmagic which will knock out for around $400 and is promised to deliver much of the sound of the Dacmagic Plus with less useful features dropped and the foot print minimised to allow it to fit in tight places and perhaps be used with the likes of the company's iD100 digital iPod dock.

At the risk of sounding like we are stuck on Rega there is a new turntable. Available in a wide and wild variety of high gloss laquer finishes. I chose an Orange one for my demo one at Audiofix! Double braced (by titanium I believe) between arm mount and bearing mount, a fancy new and thicker glass platter, bigger fancier feet, out board power supply, improved motor, and of course RB303 arm adds up (I bet) to an improvement in performance that we will be testing soon.

This podcast is rounded out with the usual chit chat and handy hints, not to mention this weeks trade secret which is written up to the right-

Rega RP6
Six Studios Audiotools
New Rega RP6 turntable, looking resplendant in Orange. Cartridge yet to be fitted. Spendor SA1 in Zebrano on right. This is a must have tool for any audio nut, trade or consumer. This app from Six Studios does all sorts of impressive audio tests from only $20.
Dacmagic 100 Stream magic 6
Dacmagic 100 from Cambridge Audio. Yet another new DAC design. Stream Magic 6 from Cambridge Audio. Very interesting new design.

Trade secret of the week has got to be the app for testing various aspects of your audio system from Studio Six Audiotools. I was wondering whether there was a speaker polarity testing app for my newly aquired iPhone (I know I know, should have got one ages ago!). A quick search un-earthed this gem. This thing for a measly $25 does not just what I wanted but a whole load of other very useful stuff. For me, key uses would be (other than speaker polarity checking) setting speaker levels in an AV system with the SPL meter, maybe using the RTA function to hand tweak the eq that is built into most receivers these days (i'm not a huge fan of the automagical set up) and chase rattles in the room with the sweep generator that can be custom set up for the band you are interested in and the time of the sweep. All impressive stuff, but here at a price that is ridiculously good value. All the details are at Studio Six.

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