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"Metal Strain Relief Collar

HDMI cables must perform, even under demanding conditions. For example, custom installers need to pull them through walls and have them make difficult turns. Monster Advanced for HDMI cables are tested to withstand over 4,000 extreme bends."

The above text was taken from the Monster website at http://www.monstercable.com/hdmi/hdmi.asp

Having now removed the insulation and moulded backshell from the destroyed 700HD Monster Cables HDMI lead as per pictures to the right, it is plain to see that no such "Metal Strain Relief Collar" exists.

In my opinion this might be stretching the truth a little too far!

As for the mention of "4000 extreme bends" well we have proven that 50 solid tugs and its all over.

When Keith and I started out on this Monster HDMI versus value for money generic HDMI cables study we were more or less thinking that the cables (Monster) were just a bit pricy realitive to doubtful performance benefits. I now wonder whether Monster (and their retailers who spread their gospel) are just plain old charlatans flirting with fraud.

Monster Cables 700HD exposed! Monster Cables 700HD exposed!
Monster 'V' Generic. They look the same to me inside except for different construction at the rear of the pins etc. I don't see any "metal Strain Relief Collar". It seems to have the same opaque silicon stuff in it as the generic cable which sells for a 90% less.
Monster Cables 700HD exposed! Monster Cables 700HD exposed!
Red circle outlines the 4 cables that failed (2 in each connector). It seems the factory that built the $15 cable did a better job of making sure these fragile wires would not be damaged under tough conditions. Avoid joiners like these in any system. The Neutrik one we used on the test rig seemed fine but this one was the problem early on in the video.

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