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Inside-AV has been shortened this episode. We have so much already recorded material we thought we would put out more episodes that are shorter and do it more often.

In this episode Keith and Andrew discuss the good and bad points of the Humax 7500 PVR

Along the way a number of other issues come up...

Suggestions of whats on in future episdoes should be taken with a grain of salt as we play catch up, but we will get to everything over the next couple of weeks.

Pictures to the right show the insides of the Humax HDR7500.

Humax HDR7500 insides. Humax HDR7500 insides.
Twin tuner modules and plastic hard drive housing readily visible in this shot of the insides of the Humax HDR7500 3 LSI ICs on display. Lots of processing power available here. Ventilated by fan rather than lid slats, reducing likelihood of corrosion.
Humax HDR7500 insides. Humax HDR7500 insides.
Pretty much standard looking switch mode power supply appears not to have any obviously rubbishy capacitors. Considerable effort has been made to isolate the vibey nature of the hard drive from the PVR's chassis.

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