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Inside-AV is primarily a podcast staring Andrew Hutchison and Keith Clifford discussing various inside issues in the AV world.

In this episode Keith and Andrew discuss favourite brands and why, upcoming segments in future episodes, why the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S won't help you fault find your remote control and a small multitude of handy hints.

A review of the new Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus is finalised with a quick discussion on ASIO drivers.

Pictures to the right show various topics discussed in this episode of Inside AV.

Straight Wire BFA style banana plug. Straight Wire BFA style banana plug.
Straight Wire brand banana plugs. This style of banana is sometimes referred to as the BFA style. The Yamaha RXA-3010, indeed Yams current top of the range receiver and only $2699. Note the shift away from the "V" to an "A"...but it still has a tuner and is therefore still a receiver rather than an amplifier.

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